terça-feira, 7 de julho de 2009

Past Events

Since we started we have already done three dinners and one professional event.
The first dinner was the one with the terrines, which I mentioned on the last post.
The second dinner was the moment to practice the stock techniques. We produced chicken, meat and vegetable stocks. The dishes were made always having a stock as a base.
The third dinner, held on the peak of the summer, counted with cold and refreshing recipes.
The event was a surprise. Suddenly, I got a call from Brazil’s Shering-Plough. It was an invitation for us to supply all the food for the company stand, at a congress that would be held here, in Vitoria-ES. Nervousness, anxiety, apprehension, adrenalin. Fortunately everything went well and the event was a success.
Nowadays we have been planning the fourth dinner. We intended to do it only with finger foods.
Also, we have been studying the possibility of holding a Greek dinner.
Photos and recipes in the next post.

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