segunda-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2009

I'm Back

I’m back. This has been a crazy month. I spent 20 days in Europe and since I arrived, 15 days ago, I have already gone to São Paulo and to Belo Horizonte. Oh, and I went to a prom too!

What a busy life, isn’t it?

So…This last month I couldn’t manage to cook or bake for the Daring Kitchen’s challenges. And I’m terribly sorry for that as DC’s was sushi, which I love, and DB’s was canolli. Lots to learn…

Anyway, I’ll give some pictures of my vacations. It was really amazing!


Although it was autumn, we could find some tulips!

A beautiful bird in Volendam

Petrusse Valley


The gorgeous Galerie du Roi

Grand Place

You know Belgium is the homeland of waffles, don't you ?

Witamer's macaroons


Blue Mosque

A foogy day in Istanbul

Asian side: The Beylerbeyi Palace

The Bosphorus and the view of european side

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