sábado, 24 de julho de 2010

A Great Idea...

These days I was surfing the net when I found in The Chef in my Head a really interesting recipe. Fig filled with blue cheese. Blue cheese is any cheese with that blue-greenish mould inside, like gorgonzola, for example.
Soon I remembered I had some fig at home. Unfortunately, there was no blue cheese. But there were some Camembert left from my little girl’s birthday party.
Some more research on the fridge and I discovered one more leftover, some Shitake mushroom that were saved from turning into roast-beef sauce for lunch.
There! A good idea for an appetizer before dinner: figs and mushrooms filled with Camembert cheese in the oven. Lavoisier once said, nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed, or, as common sense, everything is copied…

Fresh figs, washed, peeled and cut in half
Shitake or Paris mushrooms, without the stem
200g Camembert cheese
2 Tbs of butter
Fresh rosemary to taste
Olive oil
Oil a tray with a thin layer of olive oil. Also oil the fig and mushrooms halves and place them in the tray. Squash the Camembert cheese with a fork, mixing it with the butter. Add the rosemary leaves. I suggest not putting too much rosemary, so you don’t “kill” the cheese. Fill the figs and the mushrooms with this mixture and take it to the oven 150°C, just so the cheese starts to melt. Serve it right ahead and Bon Appetite!

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