sábado, 1 de janeiro de 2011

Happy New Year

Well, I'm back. Or, I hope so ...

In these last two months, I went through all sorts of problems with my computer and my connection to the internet. Among many problems, I had to change my HD. Also had to swicht from Windows Vista to Windows 7 and I'm still learning how to use it. Even the guy who helps me with all my PC issues got sick and took a week without answering my calls!

Anyway, I'm late with all my stuff. I could not answer the emails or comments, i could not publish my posts nor send my wishes for a wonderful Chritmas and New Year to anyone.

But a new year begins and I am hopefull. I hope that all my problems have been finally solved.

In these coming days we will put the house in order, that is, let's leave this blog up to date. I have some posts ready, just waiting to be published, I have pictures of the last trip I took to Hungary, Czech Rep, Slovakia and Turkey, and I have some news to tell you too. Take it easy and soon all will be ok.

To all a Merry Christmas (late but sincere) and a great New Year!

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