quarta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2010

Got my Cooking Blow Torch

Yeah! Nobody can stop me now. I'll use my torch in just everything!
Finally got my torch. The retailer had promised me to deliver it before the weekend, but did not... It arived AFTER it.
Ok, now  I'm in trouble! As soon as the torch arrived, my oldest daughter has stated:

- The first thing you'll do with this new toy of yours must be a Creme Brûlée!

She is crazy about Creme Brûlée. Since she tasted a wonderful one, in Tiradentes, last year, she does not talk about anything else.

But my youngest daughter, at once replied:

- No! Mama will make other Alaska. This time, as beautiful as those of Renata (Testado, Provado e Aprovado)!

Sorry, Renata, but now she thinks you are a close friend of her. What can I do? Lol
I must thank Renata. She read here that I wanted a cooking torch and, besides being willing to send me one, from Korea, just imagine!, she did a whole search on the internet about where to find the gas here in Brazil. She ended finding where it is sold here and at a great price. Of course I bought it! Thank you so much, Renata.
Well, then, as I said, it created an impasse. The twins were divided, each supporting a sister. My husband, who is not fool, said nothing. He says being the only man in a house of five women had taught him not to get into trouble by little things. He is quite right, isn't he?
So after eternal considerations, it was decided that I would make the two recipes at once. Both are in the fridge, waiting for the  right moment to be burned with the torch. As soon as they're ready, I'll post the photos here.

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